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Glenn McCalley glenn at bnetmd.net
Thu May 24 23:58:37 UTC 2012

Angus, thanks for the reply.
We were taking the same approach, tall, skinny and lean, then the client 
hired some hotshots from AT&T to do the mobile version - we are doing the 
traditional version.  Still to run on our servers, though.  The store(s) is 
for one of the major political party conventions in the US this summer and 
should be a good test.  Let me know if you want to be kept posted from time 
to time.


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> Hi Glenn,
> We looked at that a while ago and made mobile versions of some of our 
> search and result pages. The main difference was the general orientation 
> of the page layout. We did this by removing some of the real estate 
> hogging graphics and making search results tall and skinny so that users 
> only had to scroll up and down, not sideways.
> Mobile fell off our radar, and although our pages are still in production 
> we do not appear to have them linked from anywhere.
> Mobile (and accessible) are back on the radar now. Last time we had wanted 
> to handle the difference by offering up different CSS for screen and 
> mobile browsers. We had planned on using css (index? and float?) to lay 
> things out differently for different browser types. We would then just 
> serve up different CSS depending on the browser type (mobile or full 
> screen). At the time, the state of CSS on mobile devices was not up to the 
> task. We will be looking at that again soon, but would be interested in 
> anyone else's ideas.
> Angus
> Angus Rogerson
> Retail Services, University of Waterloo
> On 2012-05-02, at 8:40 AM, Glenn McCalley wrote:
>> Hi there,
>> Anyone done an IC store intended for mobile users?  Cell phone, iPad?  We 
>> have a client who wants a large store due to come up this summer to have 
>> both web/mobile versions.
>> Thanks!
>> Glenn.
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