[ic] Adding some items to cart breaks cart

Kerry Blalock kerry at basicq.com
Fri Oct 19 12:27:10 UTC 2012

When a second or greater number of items to the cart, all but the last
item added disappear. I am using the standard cart, ver. 5.6.2 with some
alterations. This does not happen with every item. I do not know how many
items are doing this, but have found some with similar characteristics.
These have sku's that start with 9-xxx. One thing that seems to make this
happen is a missing or miss named item image. The -9xxx items have itme
images, although quality on some are not great.

Does anyone know if the format of the sku number should have any effect on
this? What other areas should I be looking at to pin down the cause?


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