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jorge pintos pintos_jorge at yahoo.com
Mon Sep 3 15:29:35 UTC 2012

Good morning:
This module as done by Erik Fantasia ,got deprecated 
(after all was done in 2007 ) .
As this software is quite good ,we decide to adapt it:
It is working now.
Some diffs :

a.the url were changed by PP 
b.some of the parms for a direct payment were changed by Paypal 

We did something heretic :

we added a call to nice Perl CPAN Business API ( more updated ) 
just for the set request and do payment and it worked

We could not reach Mr Fantasia to discuss this.(#1 rule for Open Source )

Any comments ? ( #3 rule for Open Source )

If we dont hurt nobody/nothing we can release the source code (#2 rule for Open Source)



gagaugames inc
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