[ic] Adding backdoor for Interchange administration to the dancefloor

Stefan Hornburg (Racke) racke at linuxia.de
Fri Sep 14 08:51:53 UTC 2012

Hello, Interchange and Dancer enthusiasts!

We plan to move a couple of Interchange applications into the Dancer/Nitesi
(aka Interchange 6) world.

This is presumably a rewarding task for the customers and the development team
on the storefront.

The Interchange administration is a different story for projects without ERP,
due to a lot of customizations and complexity.

So we would like to migrate the storefront, but still use the Interchange administration
seemlessly without the need of Apache/CGI.

My idea was to feed all requests to the administration through Dancer with a plugin,
which I already started to write:


This works so far as it is successfully passing GET requests and sends the resulting
HTML back to the world.

Next step is to properly passing POST requests.

The plugin is derived from vlink.pl in the Interchange distribution, which looks
fairly simple.

Does anyone know which kind of commandline parameters can be passed to CGI in order
to adjust the send_arguments function for the plugin?

sub send_arguments {

	my $count = @ARGV;
	my $val = "arg $count\n";
	for(@ARGV) {
		$val .= length($_);
		$val .= " $_\n";
	return $val;


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