[ic] undefined carts on upgrade

David Etheredge David_e at charter.net
Tue Dec 24 18:47:53 UTC 2013

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Subject: Re: [ic] undefined carts on upgrade

> On Mon, 23 Dec 2013, David Etheredge wrote:
>> Upgrading from 4.8.2 to 5.8 and I am getting undefined carts:
> Any changes to Perl build, CPAN modules, or underlying OS at the same 
> time? Or purely an in-place Interchange upgrade?
> Jon
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> Jon Jensen
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Yes, It was a full system migration, with all programs and processes updated 
to the latest versions.

Centos,Apache, Perl, all upgraded to the latest supported release.

I suspect that there may have been a DB change in IC.

IC was installed and then the old files moved to the subdirectories.


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