[ic] Authorize.net questions

Josh Lavin josh at perusion.net
Tue Feb 19 23:52:51 UTC 2013

Quoting DB (db at m-and-d.com):
> I'm looking at switching from Skipjack to Authorize.net. All of the info
> I can find about using Authorize.net with IC seems to be a bit old.
> Setting these variables seems simple enough:
> Variable MV_PAYMENT_ID           [YourAuthorizeNetID]
> Variable MV_PAYMENT_SECRET    [YourAuthorizeNetPassword]
> Variable MV_PAYMENT_MODE       authorizenet

Correct; the usual method now is to set the ID and SECRET using a
transaction key, rather than the username and password.

> But it looks like this one is used with an outdated account type/mode

Correct; no longer needed.

> for the transaction type I see these choices listed
> Interchange 	AuthorizeNet
> auth 	AUTH_ONLY
> return 	CREDIT
> settle 	CAPTURE_ONLY
> void 	VOID
> but I'm not sure what the default is, if any. Does anyone know, or have
> any words of wisdom concerning use of Authorize.net?

Default is sale. If you wanted to do an auth, then you can "capture" it
later when processing the order from the Admin, under the Order Status
page (also need to set SETTLE_TRANSACTION variable to 1).

Josh Lavin
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