[ic] Heartland Payment Processing (Merchant Services)

DB db at m-and-d.com
Fri Jul 19 13:39:18 UTC 2013

> Hi All,
> Does anyone have any experience with Heartland? They all promise to
> save you money, but was wondering if anyone has any experience with
> them.
> Thank you
> Scott Martin

I also have not heard of them. Shopping for merchant accts, at least in
the US, is a big pain. If you do enough volume, you can pit account
providers against each other to negotiate a good rate and save quite a
bit of money. Account providers go out of their way to make the
statements overly complex and difficult to understand. They may promise
low rates but then sneak in varous monthly fees. Also, they may quote
you a low card-present rate knowing full well that most transactions
won't qualify.

I agree with Jure that Braintree's pricing is simple which is great,
however for me at least they could not provide a competitive rate.


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