[ic] flypage print problem

Grant emailgrant at gmail.com
Sun Jun 30 00:09:13 UTC 2013

> I am trying to print out the new shipping information based on a field
> called width in the product table with the flypage.html.
> [if-item-data products width >160 ][L]<span style="color :
> red;"><b>Truck Shipping : $170</b></span> [/L][/if-item-data], this
> works fine, but when I try to condition the width between two sizes as
> below, it does not print the info.
> [if-item-data products width >105 and if-item-data products width <160
> ][L]<span style="color : red;"><b>Truck Shipping : $85</b></span>
> [/L][/if-item-data]
> I have tried different variations, but it has not worked. I guess I am
> just not sure where to put the IC braces, or if you can even construct
> it with ITT.
> Kerry

Can ITL be written with "and" in between two conditions like that?
I've never seen that before.

- Grant

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