[ic] Redirect spiders with session ID query param

Grant emailgrant at gmail.com
Wed Mar 6 00:59:29 UTC 2013

> I think I remember reading in the list a long time ago about a new IC
> feature to redirect spiders which request a page containing a session
> ID query param to the same page without the query param.  Does this
> ring a bell for anyone?
> - Grant

Just found it, it's BounceRobotSessionURL:


BounceReferralsRobot looks great too:


I think there's a typo on that last page.  I think "This directive is
similar to BounceReferralsRobot...." should be "This directive is
similar to BounceReferrals...."

Both directives became available in 5.7.0.

- Grant

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