[ic] Full Page Caching with Interchange - Mark Johnson : VIDEO

Jure Kodžoman jure.kodzoman at informa.si
Fri Oct 25 11:15:47 UTC 2013

Hello again!

We're continuing our video series with a presentation by Mark Johnson from

Mark gave a presentation about speed optimization of Interchange, but
principles used in this presentation can be applied to other ecommerce
systems too.

Mark speaks about different caching options and where they sit in the
application stack. Talk then focuses on a full-page caching strategy
at the reverse-proxy layer in Interchange 5, opening up the resources to
be massively scalable through a CDN and providing a strong barrier to
DDOS attacks. Once the foundation of the caching framework is
established, talk looks at options and their trade-offs for handling
varying levels of client-side persistence on cached resources.

The video is available at:


Jure Kodzoman
Informa studio d.o.o.
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