[ic] Page layout organization

David Etheredge David_e at charter.net
Fri Apr 4 22:53:40 UTC 2014

I am using the leftonly page pattern on my new site and the old site. 
However, the files have change and I cannot find where to place my custom 
menus to fit in the left column.

I am using custom menus because the item list contains many things that I do 
not want customers to see or order. ( 1 time specials, donations, service 
and repair items, etc ). I also have some information only pages on the site 
that can not come from the item list.

To see how the menus show up under 4.9.3, see: 

However, on the new site under 5.8.0 the left column is blank. The 
collapsible tree is completely unsuitable for my site.

I need to know where to place my custom menu.

It appears that it is basically defined here in 
../catalogs/petz/include/layout/leftonly :
<td class="left" valign="top">

<div class="left_table">




If that is correct, where is LEFT defined? Otherwise, in what file and where 
should my menu be placed?



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