[Camps-users] Integration with related projects

Steven Jenkins steven at endpoint.com
Wed Dec 17 16:21:14 UTC 2008

Brian J. Miller wrote:
>> Steven
> Except... anyone on this list know Ruby (or Python) well enough to feel
> confident in just banging this out? We've got a bunch of "Perl
> programmers" hanging out on a list presumably about getting something
> actually accomplished but are discussing using a language that none of
> us knows probably 1/10th as well as the one that isn't mentioned in this
> particular thread part :-) (and likely none of us has used outside of
> Rails, a web framework which we aren't developing in). And our main
> reason for seemingly dismissing an object system is based on guessing at
> theoretical benchmarks that could possibly result in it seeming slow
> (read: no one really knows for sure cause no one has tested it), a tool
> which is likely to run on pretty beefy hardware simply because of the
> memory requirements that camps brings.

Understood.  So let me rephrase (and I'll try to be concise):

The (potential) Straw Man:
- Change because Perl is slow -- wrt the 'Ruby vs Perl' performance 
discussion -- that can be a bottomless pit of speculation unless and 
until someone has actual performance numbers, so just Don't Go There 
unless you have facts.
- Change because Perl's object system is non-existent/in modules/etc -- 
pick one, roll your own, or decide this is the Show Stopper that makes 
you use something else.  Given how much OO Perl that the posters on this 
topic have written, I find it extremely difficult to believe that this 
is a show-stopper.
- Change because integration with other projects will be harder doing it 
with Perl.  This assumes interfaces of those other projects are stable 
in other languages and that the best interface won't be through command 
lines or config files.  I view this argument as interesting, but 

If this is a Straw Man argument, stick with Perl.  Otherwise, start 
using Ruby.

Another alternative is to continue using Perl, but work with the Perl 6 
folks to get Perl 6 completed.  Seriously.  That would let camps stick 
with Perl, and benefit the Perl community as a whole.


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