[Interchange-announce] Interchange Debian Packages 4.8.1-2 released

Stefan Hornburg Racke racke@linuxia.de
Fri Sep 7 15:05:00 2001

Updated Debian/stable packages for Interchange 4.8.1 are available.

You can fetch them from:


or point your apt-get to:

deb http://ftp.interchange.redhat.com/interchange/debian interchange main
deb-src http://ftp.interchange.redhat.com/interchange/debian interchange main

Packages for Debian/unstable are part of the Debian distribution.

Changes between release 4.8.1-1 and 4.8.1-2 are:

  * upstream fixes and enhancements from CVS
  * install README.debian into /usr/share/doc
  * useful descriptions for interchange-ui and interchange-cat-foundation
    added (Closes: #109228, #109565)
  * foundation catalog was disabled if not reinstalled in postinst
  * change owner/group of the base directory for static HTML files
    to the Interchange owner/group
  * let makecat write into /etc/interchange/catalogs.cfg

Please send your comments and bug reports to Stefan Hornburg (Racke)
<racke@linuxia.de>. He is a member of the Interchange core team,
but not employed by Red Hat, so don't blame them if you encounter
problems with the Interchange Debian packages.


Racke happily hacks Interchange and maintains Debian packages like Courier.

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