[Interchange-announce] Interchange Webcast invitation

Jon Jensen jon@redhat.com
Tue Sep 18 14:24:55 2001

Dear Interchangers,

Red Hat invites you to attend a Webcast on Thursday, September 27, 2001
from 2:00-3:00 Eastern time (1800-1900 UTC).

Red Hat Software Architect Mike Heins and Senior Director of Engineering
David Adams will lead a technically-focused discussion on Red Hat
Interchange, the world's most widely adopted open source e-commerce
platform. Mike and David are the creators of the Interchange platform
and continue to actively lead the open source community that contributes
to its enhancement.

With information presented in this briefing, you will be better
informed about how, from a technical standpoint, Interchange is the
best and most effective open source e-commerce application available
today. Specifically, you will learn more about:

* Rapid development based on standard databases, protocols, and templates
* Interchange extensibility via standard libraries
* Robust, widely-used, proven server implementation
* Scalable to the enterprise level

To register for the briefing, click here:

Interchange: The Developer's View


- Interchange's value in business-critical environments (10 min.)
  David Adams

- UserTag and the Interchange Object Model (10 min.)
  Mike Heins

- Using IPC with SOAP (10 min.)
  Mike Heins

- Questions & Answers (30 min.)