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Latest version of the popular, powerful e-commerce server offers a new
user interface and a host of new functions.

New York, New York - December 15, 2003 - The Interchange Development Group
(ICDEVGROUP) today released version 5.0 of the Interchange E-Commerce and
Application Server.

Users of Interchange can look forward to an Interchange that is more
powerful and robust than ever, including a new administration interface
that is completely customizable to their application.

With improved internationalization support, powerful content-collation
features, and comprehensive shipping, taxing, and online payment support,
Interchange is by far the most complete, powerful, and flexible
open-source ecommerce application.

Using its simple installation program, it can be installed on servers with
a modicum of skill to provide a quick route to ecommerce for new users.
With its powerful and secure framework for extension of the application,
it can be integrated with any accounting, warehousing, or ERP system. And
its complete internationalization integration allows multi-national
application development that can be extended to more languages with
translation tables.

"Interchange 5.0 is the culmination of a major effort which had the dual
objectives of dramatically improving developer productivity and
significantly enhancing the capability of Interchange users to deliver
leading-edge e-commerce stores," said Mike Heins, founding member of the
Interchange Development Group and CTO and co-founder of Perusion, a
leading Interchange consultancy. "The result is a powerful new platform
for web developers worldwide."

An improved administration interface allows developers to customize their
customers' interface to the application, providing powerful
point-and-click database display and editing tools.

Jonathan Clark, Managing Director of Webmaint, said about the Interchange
administration tools: "The configurability of the adminstration interface
is truly astounding. With Interchange 5, there is no need for us to spend
time developing a back-end for applications we are producing."

Interchange is supported on a variety of Unix-like platforms: Linux by Red
Hat, Debian, SuSE, Slackware, and others; Sun Solaris; FreeBSD, OpenBSD,
and NetBSD; and Apple's Mac OS X.

Interchange 5.0 has a host of advanced internationalization features for
users needing multiple-language sites. They include table-based
translation, database shadowing of translated information, locale-based
currency formatting, syntax-oriented positioning, and more.

Interchange 5.0 boasts some significant advances for developers, including
the ability to program most tag, filter, and trigger routines. The core
tags are now indistinguishable from user tags, allowing no-holds-barred
custom development.

Interchange 5.0 is the first of the Interchange 5.x series. Future
releases will bring more content-management features, improved
performance, and improved integration with popular payment and ERP

Developers and users wishing to install the Interchange 5.0 E-commerce and
Application Server may freely download the software at www.icdevgroup.org.
The software includes the Interchange 5.0 core, administration interface,
Foundation demo catalog, voluminous documentation, as well as extensions
and examples.

Interchange is a free software project comprising a complete, powerful
application server for Unix-like operating systems. It has been
under continuous development since 1995. It is commonly used with
popular relational databases such as PostgreSQL, Oracle, MySQL, and
others. It includes many features that allow it to scale up to meet high
traffic demands, including component caching, clustering features, and
complete tunability. The platform leverages the power and rapid
development of the Perl language as well as the deep and broad base of
extensions from the Comprehensive Perl Archive Network (CPAN).

Interchange is used by millions of shoppers around the world. More
than a hundred Interchange consultants, including dozens full-time,
offer support for Interchange development. There are thousands
of Interchange catalogs worldwide.

The Interchange Development Group is the international group of software
developers who advance Interchange as the leading open-source e-commerce
application server.

See http://www.icdevgroup.org/ for complete information on Interchange,
including a live demo and the "Hall of Fame," a list of selected sites
using Interchange.

Contact in the US/Canada:

    Mike Heins
    mikeh at perusion.com
    +1.765.647.1295 or 800-949-1889

Contact in Germany:

    Stefan Hornburg
    racke at linuxia.de

Mike Heins
Perusion -- Expert Interchange Consulting    http://www.perusion.com/
phone +1.765.647.1295      <mike at perusion.com>

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