[ic] MV -> IC, Lose price and subtotal field

Ron Phipps [email protected]
Tue, 12 Dec 2000 21:03:45 -0800

I'm finishing up converting an MV4.04/GDBM to IC/MySQL but ran into a snag.
The tag [item-field price] is working in basket.html but [item-subtotal] is
always 0.  On checkout.html [item-field price] is 0 as well as
[item-subtotal].  All of the other functions (Admin UI, searching, adding
items to the cart, etc) seem to work as they are supposed to.  This looks
like the last hurdle to conquer before we cna laucnh the converted site :)
I'll be writing up a how-to on doing conversions since I ran into a few
things that were not covered in the doc I found on the mailing list.  Thanks
for everyones help.