[ic] preventing encrypted card #s in userdb.text

Desjardins, Ray [email protected]
Mon, 25 Sep 2000 11:21:45 -0700

You may want to try removing the "keep" at the end of the line in the
etc/profiles.order file.  This should destroy the card number after
transfering to your credit card routine.

[if value fax_order]
&set = mv_payment Call Us
[elsif variable MV_PAYMENT_MODE]
&credit_card=standard keep  #Try removing this "keep"
&charge=[var MV_PAYMENT_MODE][cgi mv_payment_test]
&set=mv_payment Real-time ([var MV_PAYMENT_MODE]) Credit Card 


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  I'm using MV 4.04, and I recently turned on credit card number
encryption with GnuPG because the card numbers were being stored as
plain text. Now I get big multi-line blocks of encrypted text in the
userdb.txt exports, which is problematic. Since in this case the card
numbers are being sent to Authorize.Net, I don't need to save them at
all. How can turn off this feature? 


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