[ic] Taking a Poll

IC-Admin [email protected]
Fri, 20 Apr 2001 16:46:06 -0400 (EDT)

> David Adams <[email protected]> writes:
> > > We have also thought about making the process of hiring a consultant
> > > to do more complicated work more accessible, by putting together
> > > some kind of flat-rate pricing table for various tasks, like they
> > 
> > Doug Alcorn wrote:
> > I would be opposed to RedHat trying to set flat-rate fees for tasks.
> > They have a large amount of influence in this particular niche.  If RH
> Chris Rapier wrote:
> I know its a little late for this but I would be mighty annoyed if
> RedHat tried to do that. I don't want them setting or influencing my
> rate schedule. I make between $75 and $125 doing minivend work and I
> don't know if that is high or low but damnit, I want the fee scheduling
> process to be something that is between me and my client. Thats it. 

Here is what David Adams said:

 These prices could be for work performed by Red Hat or by certified
 developers (meaning we would put some kind of referral program

I think it would be mighty strange if someone would conclude from
those words that the flat fee, if any, was anything but thought to
be used by RedHat's Professional Services themselves for IC related 

It's most probably even very difficult to determine what kind of
services could be defined so exactly that they are suitable for flat

I don't read anywhere that it said even in case there were a referral
program set up, that anyone HAS to use the same prices as RedHat suggests.

Guess, I am a non native English reader, who doesn't understand English
enough to comprehend David Adams words (ahem, cough,), or may be not ?