[ic] Federal Express Integration

Mike Heins [email protected]
Thu Aug 2 19:19:01 2001

Quoting Jim Balcom ([email protected]):
> On Thu, 2 Aug 2001, STEVE LANGE wrote:
> SL>>  Another question.  Has anyone done integration with Fed Ex for
> shipping charges?  If so, do you have any pointers/examples/pitfalls to
> avoid.  Any information would be greatly appreciated.
> Making the assumption that since they are competitors, that their
> rates are approximately the same, I am using UPS's tables for FedEx.
> Since I add in a percentage to the shipping costs, I would like to
> think that I am safe.
> FedEx Ground confirmed to me today that their Ground rates are
> identical to UPS's.
> Simply copy all of the entries in shipping.asc for UPS into additional
> entries. Change the labels in the first column to 'fdxa', 'fdxb',
> 'fdxg' and change the UPS to FedEx.
> In country.txt, add those labels to the US entry.
> Log into the UI and click on 'Apply Changes' and you are now also
> offering your customers FedEx.

In 4.7.x, there is also the [fedex-query ....] tag, with entries
included in every shipping.asc that illuminate it. It of course requires
that you go out over the Internet to get the cost, but it fetches
multiple rates so it is pretty fast.

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