[ic] MYSQL - how do you make IC aware of new catalog data location?

Corey Gilmore [email protected]
Mon Aug 27 17:59:00 2001

IC doesn't create any mysql files.  It sounds like you are trying to
either move your mysql database, which doesn't involve IC.

On Mon, 27 Aug 2001, Frank Maestas wrote:

> Hello,
> Using MySQL with Interchange 4.8.1.
> Just installed new hard drive so I can keep the MySQL catalog files in a
> different directory than before.  I looked in
> /foundation/dbconf/mysql/mysql.cfg  but did not see anything that I could
> use as far as specifying where the catalog data is now kept.
> Also tried creating a new test catalog, but makecat did not create any mysql
> files anywhere on the drive.  (mysql "is" running).  Is there a config file
> that can be changed or is this an argument I can key in when using makecat?
> Thanks!
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