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Thanks Dan,

But is was never displayed anywhere else so I did not seti it

I solved by;

Country: [loop option=country search="
 se=[value country]
"][loop-code] : [loop-data country name]

And all is well in order land.

Thank You
Russ Smith
MediaServices Network, Inc


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At 11:26 PM 3/23/2001 -0600, you wrote:
>OK, I have tried every combination of
>[data table=country column=name code=[value country]]
>in the email receipts. Nothing produces the actual country name and not the
>country code.

Do you mean that it *does* display in some places, but not in the email

Then just [seti country_name][data table=country column=name code=[value
country]][/seti] where it does work, then [scratch country_name] in your
email receipt.

You might be hitting an "order of operations" thing.  You may need [value
name="country"] or [data interpolate=1 ...]

(Sorry, I'm just shooting in the dark here...)

Dan Browning, Cyclone Computer Systems, [email protected]

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