[ic] expireall and server --start fail to run in crontab (was: Where is checkstat.sh?)

Curt Hauge [email protected]
Wed, 28 Mar 2001 16:47:07 -0600

Quoted from Ron Phipps

>Curt have you tried using the -f option in your expire statement?  This is
>what I use:

>(Substitute with your paths)
>su -c "/usr/local/interchange/bin/expireall -r -f
>/usr/local/interchange/interchange.cfg" ic

>Yours would look like:

>1,11,21,31,41,51 * * * *
>/home/htdocs/my_space/interchange/bin/expireall -r -f

Thanks again, Ron. Both my expireall and bin/interchange are now working on
both servers,
but -f looks like it is another great option for anyone encountering this in
the future.
Case closed. ;)

Curt Hauge