[ic] HTML code comments

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Wed Apr 2 17:31:00 2003

Thanks, DB! 

Actually, I have no problem saving the Excel file as tab-delimited when there are no HTML comments. However, when I add them to the table, for some reason it really messes it up, no matter how I try to save it. I even tried to use iframes to point to pages with the comments, but that did not work either (IC does not support iframes?)...

Any ideas?


Date: Wed, 02 Apr 2003 07:54:07 -0500
From: DB <[email protected]>
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Subject: [ic] HTML code comments
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There may be ways to get excel to work, but I know of 2 solutions that work.

Import the data into M$ Access then export from there as tab-delimited 
(with no text qualifier). Import that into IC. Or use 
OpenOffice/Straoffice to export tab-delimited text.


> Hi,
> I am building my product database in Excel. What is the best way to add
> large HTML code in the comment cells? Each time I try to export the
> Excel file to a .txt file and import it to the IC database, I get
> errors. It looks like the HTML code in the comment fields is messing up
> the structure of the file.
> Any ideas?
> Best,
> Vlad Kolarov