[ic] 911 - Please Help!

Cameron G ritontor at icenet.com.au
Thu Aug 7 16:17:49 EDT 2003

> To All:
> I have IC v4.8.7 and Red Hat v7.3 running on my server. I successfully
created several stores in
> IC.
> Could someone please help me identify what I need to configure on my
server, so users can access
> my website via the Internet.
> I started a checklist of things I need to configure.  I would appreciate
if someone would review
> and provide additional information on my checklist.  We can presume I have
a registered domain
> name, Merchant Account, and a DSL Static IP address.
> CheckList
> 1.  Setup Apache rewrite parameters to redirect to www.mystore.com.
> 2.  Install an SSL package. I need an SSL certificate.
> 3.  Configure payment gateway (Authorize.net).
> 4.  I think I need to setup email on the HP server, so I can receive
customer feedback?
> 5.
> 6.
> Thanks A Ton!
> GOD Bless!

7. Profit!

Sorry, couldn't resist ;)

In all seriousness though, you've just about got it. the best way to check
if you've done everything right is to put through your own valid, working
transaction. it'll cost you whatever the payment gateway deducts, but
atleast you'll be sure! i know it's what i do. i certainly don't have faith
in having remembered everything...

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