[ic] custom error page

Grant listbox at email.com
Sat Aug 30 18:51:26 EDT 2003

On some of my pages I have the code check certain things, and in some cases
an error page needs to be displayed.  Right now I'm accomplishing that like

[if scratch you_blew_it == 1]
	[tmp error_page]1[/tmp]

[if scratch error_page == 1]
	The page you requested can not be found.
	Welcome to my store!

I'd rather have something like this going:

[if scratch you_blew_it == 1]
	[bounce error_page]

Welcome to my store!

The problem with that is the address bar on the error page will be
/error_page.html and I'd like it to stay as the original address, hence the
first example.  Is it possible to have it both ways (original address in
address bar and uncluttered code)?  I'm thinking maybe something with an
ActionMap, but if it can be done, I'm missing it.

- Grant

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