[ic] How do you work?

Alexander Schmitz a.schmitz at axon-e.de
Sun Sep 28 00:48:29 EDT 2003

Grant wrote:
> It's become obvious that I need some kind of a development system that's
> organized.  I always seem to be working on a few projects at once, and it's
> getting ridiculous.  How do you guys work on an IC site?  How do you deal
> with things like backups, local storage of files, workflow, etc?  I was
> going to set something up myself based on my experience, but I know most of
> the people on this list have been developing a lot longer than I have.  What
> works for you?
> I was thinking it would be ideal to have two instances of IC installed,
> although I'm not sure if that's possible in my hosting setup.  Two different
> catalogs at least.  It would be great to have something that would allow me
> to edit a file locally and then FTP it to it's proper place with a click.
> The only files that are ever edited would be the files in the development
> store, and then after a batch of changes to the dev store are fully tested,
> they could be ported over to the live store.  Also, each editing "session"
> (maybe a session would be an entire day) would be logged with my notes on
> the changes that were made.

Hy Grant,

Im working on my Development Server, logging each session per File with 
RCS (http://www.gnu.org/software/rcs/rcs.html), and after testing all
gets synced to the Production-Server via UNISON
(http://www.cis.upenn.edu/~bcpierce/unison/). Before Unison i used
rsync to do the job, but Unison is more a real Syncroniser, with
detection of Conflicts, a nice gui and much more..

I forgot to say ,all this on Freebsd and Debian but i think Unison even
runs on Windows.

bye Alex

AXON-E interaktive medien

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