[ic] Strange insertion of plus sign for blank spaces in area search post

New Media E.M.S. ic_users at newmediaems.com
Fri Mar 12 15:18:08 EST 2004

On Tue, 2004-03-09 at 15:10, Peter wrote:
> Admin wrote:
> > I have been running a MV/IC store on an old Linux box from home for years.
> > Now I get a dedicated server from a company and install everything and one
> > search form I have is now inserting + signs for spaces in a 'se' string.
> > sample: bruce springsteen is outputted as bruce+springsteen instead of
> > bruce%20springsteen. The plus sign actually creates a 404 error which is not
> > parsed by interchange to display the missing.html page... Strange..
> > 
> > And ideas why the following search post would cause the plus sign instead of
> > replacing blanks with %20
> The browser is doing that.  Browsers can URL encode a space as either a 
> + or %20, both are valid and both should be converted back to a space by 
> the CGI module when it parses the cgi params, so your problem is not 
> that there is a + being inserted, the problem is that IC is not 
> converting the + to a space properly (or the CGI module isn't).
> Also, the 404 error that you're getting leads me to believe that your 
> web server may not be properly unescaping the + as a space in the URLs 
> either.
> Peter

Check the 'method=' parameter on that particular form. I seem to
remember that someone else posted the same problem on this list a while
ago, and they ultimately discovered the cause to be a missing
'method=post' parameter on the opening <form ...> tag.

- Ed
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