[ic] Restricting search to certain fields

Interchange User interchange at framework.cx
Sat Mar 13 06:29:43 EST 2004


	I am running IC 5.0 with a text products database.  When I run the  
code below, it ends up searching all database fields (artist, title,  
and genre).  So for example, if I type "stone" in the Artist field  
(hoping to find Rolling STONEs), among the results will be Bob Dylan's  
"Everybody Must Get STONEd."  What am I missing that will restrict my  
searches to the desired field only?

	I have the following code, adapted from the demo at

Thank you,


<form action="[area search]" method="post">
	<input type="hidden" name="mv_substring_match" value="yes">
	<input type="hidden" name="mv_search_file" value="products">
	<input type="hidden" name="mv_searchtype" value="db">
	<input type=hidden name=mv_session_id value="[data session id]">
	<INPUT TYPE=hidden NAME=mv_search_map VALUE="
	<INPUT TYPE=hidden NAME=mv_search_field VALUE=title>
	<INPUT TYPE=hidden NAME=mv_search_field VALUE=artist>
	<INPUT TYPE=hidden NAME=mv_search_field VALUE=genre>

    Artist: 			<INPUT NAME=search1 VALUE=""><br>
    Title:  			<INPUT NAME=search2 VALUE=""><br>
    Genre:  			<INPUT NAME=search3 VALUE=""><br>

	<input type="hidden" name="mv_sort_field" value="title">
	<input type="submit">

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