[ic] mod_interchange and Apache 2.0

Kevin Walsh kevin at cursor.biz
Wed Mar 17 14:44:19 EST 2004

Thomas J.M. Burton [tom at globalfocusdm.com] wrote:
> Has anyone written an update for mod_interchange that works with Apache
> 2.0? I saw a post by Kevin Walsh from 2002 that said he might in the
> future, but it wasn't a pressing issue.
> I'd really like to simplify the catalog URLs and have been testing out
> the rewrite rules posted here:
> http://www.icdevgroup.org/pipermail/interchange-users/2003-March/032179.html
> and here:
> http://www.icdevgroup.org/pipermail/interchange-users/2003-March/032217.html
> But had problems with some functions in the UI if I fully implement the
> rewrite solution by setting the CGIURL variable to nothing.
The new mod_interchange-1.30 will allow you to have a nice clean URI
for all of your pages without resorting to rewrite rules.  Also,
because there are no rewrite rules to mess things up, everything will
work properly - including whatever UI functions you were referring to.

The Apache 2 API is completely different from 1.3.  Also, the Apache-2
API-of-the-week seems to get re-written with every release, which
makes module stability and ongoing support a major issue.  Well, that
was the case when I last looked at the Apache 2 API anyway.

Once the Apache 2 API stabilises, I'll be happy to write a new
mod_interchange-2 module.  I will write it as soon as one of the
following happens:

    1. I actually find something in Apache 2 that I need, and that
       Apache 1 doesn't have.  This doesn't seem likely unless I
       loose my mind and decide to install Apache on a Windows
       server. :-)

    2. All bug-fix and security update support for Apache 1 is dropped
       and so everyone is forced to move to Apache 2.  This will happen

    3. Someone pays me to create mod_interchange-2.

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