[ic] order number after payment, not before

Dave Paton dpwork at earthlink.net
Thu Mar 18 14:07:14 EST 2004

> Quoting Mike Heins:
> Are you sure you don't have any "increment" settings in any of your
> routes? Also, make sure the counter_tid is in the main route (default)
> and not in any others that are active.

Hi, thanks for the reply Mike. I checked my setup. counter_tid was set in my
"main" route, which in this catalog (makecat in IC 4.8.7, foundation type)
is just above the final default route. I took it out of there and in the
final route added

Route  default  counter_tid  etc/transaction.number

Also, increment 0 was set in my log and copy_user routes, I removed those
lines, restarted Interchange, tried again with an order and bad-card order.
The order number is still incrementing by 2 in each case. (The
transaction.number counter IS also incrementing by a value of 1 for all
these attempts.)

The code to increment the order number is exactly from the Order.pm 2.6.2
whatsnew, with the "Set order number in values" and "Sort order number in
session" comments removed, so I won't reproduce it here. With it included at
the start of log_transaction, I see in logs/log the doubly-incremented order
number echoing twice before the regular start of the order logging, like

#### Begin 266 ####

Maybe the problem? Thanks again and best regards--Dave

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