[ic] recalculate shipping on the backend

Jack Cushman jc at alexanderinteractive.com
Fri Mar 19 17:38:17 EST 2004

Hi ...

This was asked before on the list, but I can't find an answer. In IC
5.0.0, is there a way to have it recalculate shipping costs when the
number of items changes, the same way it recalculates total and sales
tax? Those checkboxes refer to code in
core/lib/UI/profiles/recompute_transaction, which has this snippet:

        # In case you want to recompute shipping
        my $smode = $trec->{shipmode};
        $smode =~ s/\s+.*//;

I don't speak enough core to know what to make of that, though. Any

Speaking of the order edit page, it would be nice to set up a dropdown
next to each ordered item with a list of products in the site. This
dropdown would populate the line item with that product's sku, price,
description etc on select. Has anyone implemented a solution like that?

Thanks for your help,
Jack Cushman

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