[ic] Dumb Basics

Tracy n4lgh at waveguide.us
Fri Mar 26 09:24:03 EST 2004

Hello Gang, been learning a heck of a lot over the past year (converting
from being an NT admin ...)

Curious, is there any real noob / super basic tutorial on the site? I've
got IC installed, everything compiled nicely, the non-thread perl is
coinciding nicely, I'm just missing the boat on how to get to the admin

Been all over the sourceforge site and www.interchange.rtfm.info ... um,
what am I missing?

Also, does anyone know of a webmin module that supports the current
version? I installed a webmin module for IC that says only older
versions are supported.

This is a learning experience for me - not a production installation.

Thanks for your tolerance

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