[ic] ITL in item comments.

Peter peter at pajamian.dhs.org
Sun Feb 20 20:04:26 EST 2005

On 02/20/05 15:56, Mike Heins wrote:
>>>>On 02/09/05 21:19, Peter wrote:
>>>>>Can someone answer my first question about how to prevent the UI from 
>>>>>converting [ into [ for non-superusers?  As long as the UI is doing 
>>>>>that they can't use the page or area tags regardless of what else I do, 
>>>>>nor can they even edit items that I put the page or area tags in (as 
> Add "mml" to yes_functions -- assuming you trust this person. You 
> might also consider surrounding the data fields they enter in
> the [restrict ...] tag to only allow certain tags like [page ...].

Thanks, that did it!  And I will be restricting the tags (I had planned 
to anyways) to page and area.


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