[ic] Server Location

Frank Reitzenstein frank at goldissue.com
Mon Apr 23 02:10:47 EDT 2007


I host Interchange in Australia. I have two sites of my own which I host
here. However one sells from the US to the US. But that isn't what is
happening. Google know that the server is in Perth so 80% of my sales
are in AU. Now that's an unusual pattern. Normally overseas sales are in
the minority. So I guessing that if I located my server in the US that
sales would increase radically - but I'm not sure.

As I sell on at least two continents already, I am seeking someone who
hosts Interchange in the US who is interested in selling in my
geographic region as well. The idea being that we build and fine tune
our servers locally, and then zip and send them to the partner as an

I am happy to network on other continents as well in the future,



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