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N.E.S.T. Solutions nest_consulting at yahoo.ca
Tue Sep 25 08:38:22 EDT 2007

> I have several software downloads that I would like to make 
> public as a item so they can be searched for but I don't want 
> to have to make a customer check out to be able to download 
> the item.  What would be the best way to handle this so I can 
> have these entered as an item and then users can download the 
> documents or files?
> Thanks
> Tommy

The way I did it, which was super easy and fast to do, was to create 
a separate table in your database with the columns you wish to describe 
your software. 

Also, I have made columns for category/area/tree classifications, 
just like the products, which allows same flexibility as products 
sorting/searching. On top of that, I have a "path" column, to be 
able to put my softwares in different folders to be a bit organized. 
Then that path is used to make your link on the pages.

Searching, listing, looping, and all other IC features can be used the
same way 
as for your catalog products. Then you can make components/controls for
templates, etc...  

Even further, if you want to make it really nice, you can make a
specifications table, where you would store your "specs" to feed your 
software table. You can do a lookup on the soft_spec table to get a list

of software_paths for example... This can be used for all your fields, 
makes it easier to add softwares as you don't need to remember your
paths, etc...


Martin H.
N.E.S.T. Solutions

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