[ic] Can't locate object method "default_charset" via package "Vend::CharSet"

David Christensen david at endpoint.com
Mon Feb 16 23:01:52 UTC 2009


> Marty Tennison wrote:
>> I was getting this message in my log files whenever a person hit a
>> members only page when they were not logged in...
>> Can't locate object method "default_charset" via package  
>> "Vend::CharSet"
>> I tracked it down to the PAGE_INIT variable, specifically, this  
>> line....
>>        $Tag->deliver({ location => $Tag->area('account/login')});
>> I found out that if I put that statement inside a perl block, it  
>> works.
>> However, that statement is contained within a [calc][/calc] block  
>> then
>> the error occurs.
>> I tried to set the variable....
>> Variable MV_HTTP_CHARSET ISO-8859-1
>> but that did not remove the error.
>> I've replaced my calc tags with perl tags and all is well.  But I
>> thought  I would pass this on just in case anyone else sees it.
> After reading my last post I realized it was a little cryptic, my
> apologies.  To summarize for clarity...

Thanks for the bug report.  Can you let me know which version of  
Interchange/perl you are using?

> This works....
> [perl]
>    $Tag->deliver({ location => $Tag->area('account/login')});
> [/perl
> This does not....
> [calc]
>    $Tag->deliver({ location => $Tag->area('account/login')});
> [/calcl
> actually, it works, but generates the error above.

Can you clarify what the "it works" behavior means?  i.e., can you  
verify that the content delivered in question matches the expected  
content for the page in question?


David Christensen
End Point Corporation
david at endpoint.com

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