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> On Mon, 2009-02-09 at 08:24 -0800, Paul Jordan wrote:
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>> Subject: [ic] Softgood Downloads
>> > Is it possible to create an item that is a software download?
>> > Assign $0 to the software and not have the customers go through the 
>> > whole
>> > checkout process?
>> >
>> > Thanks
>> > Tommy
>> >
>> >
>> Whoops. shootin blanks...
>> Tom, yes it is possible out of the box.  If you are going to do a lot of
>> business this way, or if the downloads are very large, then you'll want 
>> to
>> venture into a custom download script which can be found here
>> http://www.interchange.rtfm.info/downloads/usertags.html called enable
>> downloads.
>> Here some advice on the built in download stuff that comes with IC:
>> http://www.icdevgroup.org/pipermail/interchange-users/2001-November/014921.html
>> The built in stuff uses the product tables fields: dowload, dl_type &
>> dl_location
>> Download
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> I'm jumping in on this thread, but this is very important to me now.
> Are there any posts that discuss the scope of this tag, and how and
> where this tag should be used?
> I am developing a site that will allow for downloads (and streaming) of
> media after purchase, and I was thinking of simply using the dl_type an
> dl_location fields, but that will fall very short.  ie. a product in my
> catalog will have downloads for multiple files (not just one), and allow
> for streaming of media files via a "flash" file.
> Any direction?
> Thanks!
> Rick

I don't know about streaming but for downloading it's great. It doesn't use 
IC to serve the download, but let's Apache do it - as it should.


The tag is really for creating a way to make short lived random symlinks to 
the goods that are in a protected directory. So, you can say it is really 
delivery centric. What it delivers is up to you to make happen.  I had an 
email system that used this to create the delivery, but I had to on my own - 
upon request - find (read SQL) relevant email attachments, zip them all up, 
create the new zip file THEN tap on enable-downloads to create the Apache 
only secure delivery. In the end, it was two or three tags used in 
conjunction to make it all happen.

Also, when I say "secure" I mean that you don't need to put the files in a 
public directory, and the links used to download are as random as you need 
them to be I.e., 8 characters? 20 characters? Then, you determine how long 
you want to let those symlinks sexist via a cron - or whatever.

I think Mike made the tag for me actually - that post I link to is one of 
the ways I used it at the time. I've used it many ways since.

If softgoods are popular, I am sure I can probably write up something and 
get my tags together for everyone. But it would have to be in a couple weeks 
as I am pretty busy right now. That said if you wanted to sleuth it out 
yourself, I can get the tags I made/used to do all the tricks - any time. 
I'm pretty sure the email one reads the files from a table (the files are 
written to a table) - so not sure how much use it would be to you.


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