[ic] Products from second table not appearing in search results?

Peter peter at pajamian.dhs.org
Fri Jul 3 10:57:17 UTC 2009

On 07/03/2009 01:30 AM, Gert van der Spoel wrote:
> There is a file in the interchange installation directory, not in your
> catalog directory, called 
> catalog_before.cfg    (and a catalog_after.cfg for that matter)
> This file contains the following lines:
> ## Deprecated, could be removed in IC 5.2
> Variable  MV_DEFAULT_SEARCH_FILE  products
> Variable  MV_DEFAULT_SEARCH_TABLE products
> It does not seem too deprecated to me as it is overruling the ProductFiles
> directive on catalog level (as you have noticed).
> If you have access to the catalog_before.cfg file you can change the line
> to:
> Variable  MV_DEFAULT_SEARCH_TABLE products products2
> If you cannot access the Interchange installation configuration files then
> alternatively you can add the following line to 
> templates/components/search_box_small   :
> <INPUT TYPE=hidden NAME=mv_searchtype VALUE="products,products2">

...or just reset MV_DEFAULT_SEARCH_FILE in your catalog.cfg:


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