[ic] Database connection in AddDirective sub

Mathew Jones mat at bibliopolis.com
Tue Oct 13 17:32:42 UTC 2009

Hi Everyone,

I am using  AddDirective and would like to pull some data from a DB 
table and store it in $Config. I am having trouble with connecting to 
the database. Using the example code below, the connection always fails, 
even though the table exists.

GlobalSub <<EOS
sub declare_extra_config {

         package Vend::Config;

         sub parse_foobar {
                 my ($directive,$value) = @_;
                 return undef unless $value =~ /yes/i;

                 my $db = Vend::Data::database_exists_ref('products') or 
die "Couldn't get handle to table products'!";

		# some more code here eventually to add data to $Config



AddDirective  Foobar  foobar

Foobar   Yes,  is set at the end of my catalog.cfg file after the 
Database setup section.

Any thoughts?



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