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> A friend of mine runs a website using Interchange and 
> unfortunately we would like to ban a few IP addresses from 
> accessing the website. I am not familiar with Interchange 
> other than the few functions I use for moderating a forum. Is 
> it possible to ban IP addresses using Interchange or should I 
> look into programs specifically made to do this?
> Thank you,
> Chip Wood


	It would be easier to use Apache to block them. Depending on how you've setup interchange, you can either block them using
a .htaccess file in your main directory (and/or CGI directory) or inside of the apache httpd.conf file.

	A .htaccess file in your home directory would look like this:

<Limit GET>
order allow,deny
allow from all 
# Block the following groups of IP blocks...
deny from
deny from
(more "deny from" lines until done)
deny from
deny from

ErrorDocument 403 http://www.carlc.com

	The ErrorDocument will send them where you want them go to instead...

	You can also put this in your Apache httpd.conf file, if you want, and it's similar but check with Apache.org to get it
correct inside of httpd.conf. Remember, you will have to do this for your CGI directory as well as your regular file areas to
completely protect Interchange.

	Carl C.
	Providing Interchange websites and hosting to the community since 1999 

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