[ic] Simple Options, expired page

Steve Graham icdev at mrlock.com
Fri Apr 16 20:31:04 UTC 2010

Subject: [ic] Simple Options, expired page

> Hello,
> Upgrading a 4.8 catalog with simple options to 5.7.x and notice when the 
> buy button is clicked from the flypage, I get the following error when the 
> item uses simple options:
> expired: That link was expired. Please try ordering again.
> and the item is not added to the cart.
> If the item does not use options I get the expected shopping cart page 
> with the item in the cart
> I did notice the following change in profiles.order - is there some new 
> setting for simple options?
> __NAME__                              check_opt
> [comment]
>        This profile prevents an incomprehensible error if someone follows 
> a bookmarked
>        link to a flypage.
> [/comment]
> expired=always_fail That link was expired. Please try ordering again.
> __END__
> Thanks,
> Steve

I just noticed this is happening on the demo site,

someone else please add one of these items to the shipping cart,

Maybe it is the browser issue again...


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