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Mike Heins mike at perusion.com
Sat Aug 14 14:40:16 UTC 2010

Quoting John A. (john at virginiaquilter.com):
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> I have a search bar across the top of all my pages, with a drop-down
> to select the department (product_class column) to search.
> Per the official & rtfm documentation, and what I can find in the
> archives, this should work. It doesn't, quite. As I understand it, the
> first se should be searched for in the fields in the first sf, while
> the second se should be searched for in the fields in the second sf.
> They are not limiting themselves. In a test search within one
> department I got the expected results from within that department,
> plus another item that happened to have the department name in its
> description. It seems it's searching for everything everywhere.
> I'm wondering if I'm doing something wrong here. Here's my code.
> I've tried formatting the second se with and without the leading
> colon, and with colons instead of commas; it doesn't seem to make the
> desired difference.
> I also found mention in the archives of the apparently undocumented
> mv_search_map. Is that something that might help? It looks like it
> just lets you give the form elements different names while still
> having the searchspecs all come through as searchspecs so I'm guessing
> it might make no difference here.
> I'm wondering also if I could do it with a simple post form
> interpreted by an in-page search on just the department, with a ref
> search narrowing it against the user's search terms.
> Anyway, the code...
> <form action="[area search]" method=post>[form-session-id]
> <td ALIGN=right VALIGN=center BGCOLOR="#CDBE9D" class="crossbar"
> width=20>Search:</td>
> <td align=center VALIGN=center BGCOLOR="#CDBE9D" class="crossbar"
> width=20>
> 	[tmp cat_widget]
> 		[display
> 			name=se
> 			type=select
> 			options="=-[L]all departments[/L]-"
> 			lookup_query="select distinct product_class from products where not
> product_class = '' order by product_class"
> 			default="[scratch searchcat]"
> 		]
> 	[/tmp]
> 	[scratch cat_widget]
> </td>
> <td align=left VALIGN=center BGCOLOR="#CDBE9D" class="crossbar"
> style="width:100%;">
> <input type=text name=se size=50 style="width:100%;" [if scratch
> searchtarget]value="[scratch searchtarget]"[/if]>
> 	<input type=hidden name=st value=db>
> 	<input type=hidden name=sf value=":product_class">

I believe the above should be just "product_class".

> 	<input type=hidden name=sf
> value=":sku,short_description,description,category,designer,colors,themelist,patthemelist,keywords,thumb">
> 	<input type=hidden name=ml value=50>
> 	<input type=hidden name=co value=1>
> 	<input type=hidden name=fc value=1>
> 	<input type=hidden name=su value=0>
> 	<input type=hidden name=su value=1>
> 	<input type=hidden name=tf value=category>
> 	[if module-version Text::Query]
> 	<input type=hidden name=op value=eq>
> 	<input type=hidden name=op value=aq>
> 	[else]
> 	<input type=hidden name=op value=eq>
> 	<input type=hidden name=op value=rm>
> 	[/else]
> 	[/if]
> </td>
> <td align=left VALIGN=center width=13 BGCOLOR="#CDBE9D"
> class="crossbar">
> <input src="/images/SearchTan3.png" alt="Go" type="image">
> [comment]<input type=submit value="[L]Go[/L]" class=button3>[/comment]
> </td>
> </form>
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