[ic] Userdb is View of Union - query / scan problems

Chris Kershaw chris at endpoint.com
Tue Dec 7 19:39:24 UTC 2010

Paul Jordan wrote:
> IC 5.7.6
> Mysql 5.0.77
> I have a userdb that is a Mysql View of a Union. The union ties
> together TableA and TableB.
> Using the [Query] and [search-region] I can only retrieve records from
> this userdb that are from the TableA member of the Union.
> However, in Admin, I can see all records in userdb (TableA's and
> tableB's) just fine, and I believe it uses scan to search this.
> Is there something fundamentally different with [query] that would
> make it have trouble working on a Union? I don't need to do anything
> fancy, I really just select a value.
> No errors in Cat or Vend error.log

Does your dbconf/userdb.mysql file reflect the actual table structure? I
do know that Interchange sees views as tables so if the dbconf files are
different from the actual table structure, the query and search-region
tags will not have access to the columns.


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