[ic] Advice on learning Interchange?

Music music at labyrinth.net.au
Wed Mar 17 03:46:48 UTC 2010

> Before giving up and moving on, I wanted to ask if there are any people on 
> this list who managed to learn how to use Interchange on their own, and if 
> so, how did you go about it?

I learned to work with Interchange on my own way back when it was called 
minivend. I was also a Unix newbie - I first installed it on virtual BSD OS 
supplied by Verio.

Learn through a combination of documentation at icdevgroup.org, searching 
the mailing list at icdevgroup.org, search or browse through 
http://www.interchange.rtfm.info/ and lots of trial and error. I would 
suggest installing a default store and then tweaking. Once up and running 
you will be pleased with ICs capabilities.

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