[ic] Discount Specifications

Rick Bragg lists at gmnet.net
Mon Nov 29 14:37:43 UTC 2010

On Sat, 2010-11-27 at 10:02 -0800, Grant wrote:
> > I agree, don't do anything to surprise a customer in any way at all!
> > They will run away.  Auto-anything on behalf of the customer is just a
> > bad idea.  However, certainly give them all the cross-selling and
> > up-selling that you possibly can.  Just make sure all these kinds of
> > links are no-follow so as not to dilute your g-uice!
> >
> > rick
> Just to be sure, you don't nofollow internal links to product pages do you?
> - Grant
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Yes and no.  I make sure there is a clear path to every product (follow)
but for promotions that go out of the category tree (such as a link to
rain pants on a bicycle fenders page) I would nofollow that because it
dilutes the site.  I don't think you don't want too many followed links
that go to the same page.  Does this sound right?


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