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Grant emailgrant at gmail.com
Mon Nov 29 15:36:30 UTC 2010

>> > I agree, don't do anything to surprise a customer in any way at all!
>> > They will run away.  Auto-anything on behalf of the customer is just a
>> > bad idea.  However, certainly give them all the cross-selling and
>> > up-selling that you possibly can.  Just make sure all these kinds of
>> > links are no-follow so as not to dilute your g-uice!
>> >
>> > rick
>> Just to be sure, you don't nofollow internal links to product pages do you?
>> - Grant
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> Yes and no.  I make sure there is a clear path to every product (follow)
> but for promotions that go out of the category tree (such as a link to
> rain pants on a bicycle fenders page) I would nofollow that because it
> dilutes the site.  I don't think you don't want too many followed links
> that go to the same page.  Does this sound right?
> Thanks
> Rick

I understand your logic and I used to do the same thing, but a little
while back Matt Cutts of Google made it clear that nofollow'ed links
would count as links on the page (i.e. they would dilute the amount of
PageRank transferred out through other links on the page) but they
would not pass PageRank.  In other words, a nofollow'ed link will
devalue the other links on the page as always, but the PageRank that
would normally be passed to the nofollow'ed pages is dumped into a
black hole and thereby "wasted".  This applies to both internal and
external links.  Because of this, it isn't advisable to nofollow
internal links currently.


- Grant

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