[ic] Payment Gateways

Ronald Colcernian rcc at Dresults.Com
Sat Oct 2 16:16:40 UTC 2010

After calling all of the Gateway companies listed at 
http://www.interchange.rtfm.info/downloads/payments.html, that I could 
get a hold of in one day.

I have found iTransact to be the most economical, friendly and 
accessible via phone.

Anybody using iTransact?

Any advice regarding iTransact?

Any advice to the contrary?

I have been using MCVE, now Monetra software on my server, and because 
of this PCI Compliance is a Level D Questionnaire which is way too much 
work and is un-realistic for me to implement. Gaterway's change the 
Compliance to a Level A Questionnaire which is more realistic.

Ron Colcernian

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