[ic] Quick and dirty "write to file"

Peter N interchange at pn72.com
Tue Sep 28 19:32:52 UTC 2010

>> [if cgi add_to_list]
>>  [log file="email_list.txt" type="text" interpolate=1]
>>   [cgi email]
>>  [/log]
>> [/if]
>> Where do I need to place this code so that it is invoked on checkout?

> CGI variables get copied into the Values hash during checkout so you
> likely need to use [value email]. You could essentially put this within

Hi Chris, et al,

While trying this out, I'm not seeing my "add_to_list" variable
showing up. I put in a plain old

      [value add_to_list]

in receipt.html just to see what's there, but nothing prints. Do I
need to do anything special on checkout.html (or somewhere else),
where I have a select box named "add_to_list" to register this

Thank you,


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