[ic] Quick and dirty "write to file"

Chris Kershaw chris at endpoint.com
Tue Sep 28 19:55:24 UTC 2010

Peter N wrote:
> Hi Chris, et al,
> While trying this out, I'm not seeing my "add_to_list" variable
> showing up. I put in a plain old
>       [value add_to_list]
> in receipt.html just to see what's there, but nothing prints. Do I
> need to do anything special on checkout.html (or somewhere else),
> where I have a select box named "add_to_list" to register this
> variable?
Hmm, is the add_to_list field contained between the beginning and ending
form tags on your checkout page? What are the possible values of the
add_to_list field? Try logging the value out within etc/log_transaction
by adding this:

    Log("add_to_list: $Values->{add_to_list}");

The tail the error log.


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