[ic] Quick and dirty "write to file"

Peter N interchange at pn72.com
Tue Sep 28 20:14:25 UTC 2010

> [calc]
>      Log("add_to_list: $Values->{add_to_list}");
>      return;
> [/calc]
> The tail the error log.

Yup, add_to_list shows up with a value of 1 in the log:

c.hsd1.vt.comcast.net Cvrw9MCk:comcast.net -
[28/September/2010:16:00:48 -0400] f /s/f/process.html add_to_list: 1

BUT, it only does so when I put that code on checkout.html and refresh
the page. When I put it into receipt.html, it doesn't work, so it
would seem that this variable isn't coming along for the ride. So I
followed Rick's suggestion and put this code

[if value add_to_list][log file="email_list.txt" type="text"
interpolate=1][value email][/log][/if]
    Log("add_to_list: $Values->{add_to_list}");

into etc/log_transaction. Again, I see the value tracked in the error
log, but nothing is written to the file.

Is the syntax of my [if value add_to_list] wrong?

Thank you,


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